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At Proactive Medical Billing & Coding LLC is a trusted leader in streamlined revenue management for healthcare practices. With our deep expertise in medical billing, coding, and revenue cycle management, we alleviate administrative burdens, optimize financial performance, and maximize reimbursement








Our mission at Proactive Medical Billing & Coding LLC is to empower healthcare practices by providing comprehensive and streamlined revenue management solutions. With our unparalleled expertise in medical billing, coding, and revenue cycle management, we aim to alleviate the administrative burden faced by medical professionals and optimize their financial performance.


Our practice management services include Medical Billing and Coding, Eligibility and Benefit Verification, Revenue Cycle Management, Authorization and Referral Management, AR & Denial Management, Compliance and Security, Transparent Reporting, Dedicated Customer Support and Provider Enrollment and Credentialing.

Medical Billing

Get paid faster and improve cash flow with our industry-leading medical billing services

Medical Coding

Proactive Medical Billing and Coding offers quality medical coding services

Eligibility and Benefit Verification

Reduce denials and Improve cash flow with our Reliable Eligibility & Benefit Verification

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management solutions are essential for the healthcare industry

Benefits of Choosing Our Services

With Proactive, you unlock a multitude of benefits, ensuring financial relief and improved RCM operations. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we take pride in being the best at what we do, providing unparalleled support to our esteemed medical billing clients across the United States. Your success is our shared triumph.


Empowering healthcare providers with streamlined billing and coding solutions is crucial for optimizing revenue cycles, reducing administrative burdens, and enhancing overall efficiency in healthcare organizations. By leveraging technology, implementing coding software, utilizing EHR systems, and providing comprehensive training, healthcare providers can simplify the billing and coding process, improve accuracy, and ultimately allocate more time and resources to patient care.


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